Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a baseball skills video?


In the current age of baseball recruiting, a lot more of the responsibility falls on the athlete and the parents.  Whether it's attending tournaments, showcases and camps or visiting schools, the recruiting process is expensive and time consuming.  That being said, baseball isn't a big budget sport and the recruiting and coaching staffs do not have the money to see all of the players around the country.  Having a baseball skills video in which you can easily share with college coaches and recruiters will save time and money.


2. What does a baseball skills video entail?  


The purpose of baseball skills video is to showcase an athlete's running, fielding, hitting and throwing in one concise video.  Typically, a quality skills video will be under 5 minutes in length and show multiple angles of a player's primary position.  The more information a scout has to evaluate a player, the better!


3. How do I order a video?


If you did not order the Premium Skills Video during your camp or showcase registration, Click here.  You may also contact our highly experienced account executive Ryan at 253-740-0471.


4. I ordered the Premium Skills Video, what's next?


Once you've ordered your skills video, you can sit back and relax.  We will handle all of the filming and editing.  


You will receive your first draft of the edited video via email within two weeks from the conclusion of the event ($50 1 Week Rush Edit available).  


Once you have received your video, please review it.  You will have one week to review (if you need an extension, please contact us at 253-740-0471).  


If you are satisfied with your video, there is nothing further.  Feel free to share you download (we will post your video by section to your BBNW Player Profile Page).  


If you do have further changes you would like us to make to the video, please email within the one week review period and write EDITS in the subject line.

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